Satellite enablement for Disaster Risk Reduction in Kenya


Satellite enablement for Disaster Risk Reduction in Kenya (SatDRR)

Working with the Ministry of Interior and Red Cross Society in Kenya, Avanti and its partners are undertaking a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) capacity development programme to embed capability and knowledge to improve Kenyan capacity to effectively plan for and respond to disasters using satellite technology.

The project will support the development of Kenyan Agencies and Responders by:

  • Engaging with Kenyan partners to understand their disaster management priorities identify solutions and embed capability through policy support, knowledge transfer, specialist training and field exercises.
  • Building the capacity of Kenyan staff to prepare, deploy and utilise satellite services for DRR;
  • Provide a pilot platform for local actors to deploy satellite communication and earth observation for DRR;
  • Enhancing co-ordination, command and control of disaster response at local, regional and national level.

By working alongside respected project partners, the SatDRR team are able to implement strategies into place that now allow Kenyan authorities to effectively plan and respond to disaster events. With critical communication tools enabled, authorities are able to make a clear situation assessment in real time and respond to all units of response via a highly secure and resilient satellite network.