Project Overview

Kenya is prone to disasters, like droughts, floods or disease outbreaks. The recurrent nature of these disasters inherently affects the capacity of communities to recover, which lowers economic output and holds back development year on year.

Effective, well-organised and prepared responses help mitigate the effects of disasters. Satellite systems provide a secure and resilient infrastructure in disaster situations, providing critical tools for emergency communications and situation assessment.

The project supports the development of Kenyan Agencies and Responders by enhancing coordination, command and control of disaster response at local, regional and national level.

  • The project will provide secure fixed and mobile satellite communications via Avanti’s high throughput HYLAS 2 satellite, providing both a national resilient infrastructure and emergency post disaster communications;
  • A flexible web-based dashboard offering a variety of tailored EO information services for users to access information on floods and droughts from a variety of satellites;
  • An underpinning capacity building and knowledge transfer programme delivered by in country staff.

Projects Development Impact

Reduction in human, social & economic impact of disasters on affected communities

Increased investment in coordination, training and technology related to DRR

Sustainable exploitation of satellite services leas to ongoing DRR benefits in Kenya

Infrastructure Deployment – SatDRR

The infrastructure deployment for the SatDRR project is well underway, and we can now see the architecture of the project being realised.

KRCS and NDOC vehicle with mobile satellite equipment

NDOC vehicle with satellite equipment in action

Satellite Communications training at Bomma Inn – Nairobi

Satellite Comm’s training being closed by Deputy Governor of Nairobi (Ms Anne Kananu Mwenda), representatives from Nairobi County (Disaster Management Sector), NDMU, Nairobi Fire department and Kenya Red Cross (KRCS)

Communication setup via satellite on the go

Nairobi County council takes handover of the equipment after Sat Comm’s training